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Clinicians and Healthcare Providers

Learn about the impact of culturally competent care for erotically diverse clients through our trainings, process groups, consultation groups, and more.

A Space for

The Erotically Diverse

Participate in a study, attend an educational event, or gain access to scientific information that is created with you and your healthcare in mind.

Advancing Research

A foundational mission of TASHRA, our research explores the intersections of kink identities and the individuals that embody them. With further understanding, we will reduce stigma and improve healthcare delivery.

Our Impact

For more than a decade, TASHRA has been expanding knowledge about, and the care of, those who are kink-identified through providing education, partnering with the kink community, and advancing research.
Stories told that will impact the trajectory of sex positive, kink-inclusive care.

Professionals that have become more fluent in kink care.
Of countries where professionals and community members have joined our movement toward better healthcare.
210 %
Increase in the inclusion of the term BDSM in academic article and book publications since 2010.

Give so that others can thrive

TASHRA is a nearly all-volunteer, multidisciplinary 501c-3 sexual health organization that relies on support from our community of researchers, healthcare providers, advocates and people like you.

Your contribution supports research and education on misunderstood and often pathologized sexual-minorities that will change the trajectory of sexual health.

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Our carefully curated, ethically inclusive list of books, organizations, articles, and links.

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Culturally relevant blogs and updates created in collaboration with community professionals and cutting edge research.