Diverse erotic interests are held by people around the world, all of which provide unique healthcare needs. Read our “Core Competencies,” developed by TASHRA’s Clinical Training Team. These include the resources, knowledge and skills needed for Self Monitoring and Awareness, Interdisciplinary Collaboration and Ethics and Clinical Skills to provide quality culturally competent care to kink oriented clients/patients.

Presenting findings from TASHRA’s 2016 Kink Health Survey, Richard Sprott and Anna Randall provide an introduction to health inequities amongst kink-interested individuals and communities. Collected from approximately 1000 participants, self-reported mental and physical health care needs are translated into approaches to clinical treatment and implications for further research.

TASHRA’s educational mission advocates that healthcare providers should approach providing care to kink-identified people in the same manner they would approach any distinct culture or subculture that is marginalized by mainstream culture. In the last 4 years, TASHRA has developed and offered more than 34 online professional mental and medical health continuing education courses on topics and competencies related to providing care to kink-identified individuals.


TASHRA has played a large role in the expanding research field of kink and health. We hold ourselves accountable to bring post graduate level academic presentations that prioritize intersectionality, research informed theories, and clinical practices.

Some of the topics within TASHRA’s educational programs:

The Psychobiology of Kink, Pain, and Pleasure

Abuse/IPV/DV Versus Consensual BDSM/Kink

The History of Psychology and Approaches to BDSM (DSM)

Kink and Experiences of Healing

The Biology of Sexual Arousal, Kink Desire and Sensation Seeking

Emerging Research on Unique Fetish and Kink Interests

Kink/BDSM during pregnancy

The Effects of Minority Stress and Endemic Theory on Health

Dual/Multiple Relationships Within Kinky Clients and Providers

Empirical Research Regarding kink, Access to Healthcare, and Injury

Kink and Drug Use (ChemSex)