Whether kink is a part of your work, an opportunity to relax and have fun, an integral piece of your identity, a 24/7 lifestyle, or something you explore privately, you deserve to thrive. The kink and erotically diverse communities have paved the way for new forms of connection, sensation, trauma-informed self exploration and healing.


  • Have you ever felt that your erotic interests or approaches to self exploration might be judged negatively or cause for discrimination?
  • How do you stay up-to-date on the safest ways to play?

We offer our research to you and your community healthcare providers to help you understand how to take care of yourselves and each other. Our hope is that our research findings on kink health influence larger systems that make healthcare policies and influence how kink and fetish are seen.

We plan to offer community education events, online, in the coming months, to further enhance the kink community’s effectiveness in advocating for its health needs and in taking care of each other.

TASHRA is currently developing these health focused projects for kink-identified people:
  • Kink-competent therapist referral system
  • Kink-competent doctor referral system
  • Warm Line for Kink Community health concerns
  • WikiKink resource for FAQ related to community health

Would you like to be one of the stories that shape the future of kink?