Have you ever felt your D/s, M/s, or other power exchange relationship was misunderstood?

Do you ever grow weary of having to justify or explain your power exchange relationship?

Do people assume that you are somehow a bad person for enjoying these relationships?

Because these misunderstandings often lead to discrimination, we are seeking to address these misunderstandings by conducting an in-depth study of a diverse array of power exchange relationships, which we are calling authority transfer relationships.

The experiences of dominance and submission come in many different types of relationships, such as master-slave, dominant-submissive, pup-handler, and Big-little to name just a few. These power-exchange relationships are often misunderstood and often mischaracterized. We are conducting an exploratory study to contribute to a better understanding of these relationships.

Next steps for participating…


  • Potential participants will fill out a short screening questionnaire to see if they are eligible to be enrolled in the study.
  • If you are enrolled, the study requires a short online survey and an interview via Zoom.  It should not take more than two hours of your time altogether.
  • In order to make sure that the study is scientifically valid, you may be asked to review and respond to some preliminary results.