Author: Alexandra Gold

Maintaining Community During COVID: Kinky Events Online

For many, kink is a source of community. And with COVID leading to extensive event cancellations, everyone has had to get creative to maintain this community in an online form.

We have compiled a few resources from a variety of websites for anyone interested in upcoming digital kink events!

The Ritual Chamber — The Ritual Chamber events page has a comprehensive catalog of upcoming BDSM events and workshops that they offer.

Folsom Street Fair — During the weekend of September 27th, 2020, the Folsom Street fair—with live music, shopping, education, and demos—will be streaming worldwide.

Luna Matatas on Twitter — Co-host of the amazing Race & Kink: A Bi-Weekly Discussion, Luna Matatas hosts and shares a variety of kink related events.

The Kink Hub — Instagram account @thekinkhub promotes educational kink resources through their posts.

The BDSM Events Page — Some of these events have been postponed to 2021, but there are plenty of links to check out and explore!

Kink Academy — Thousands of sex and kink education videos to explore with a monthly subscription.

BDSM Contracts — This compilation of local BDSM & kink educational classes & workshops has a brief online subsection.

FetLife can also be a valuable resource for finding your community during isolation, and all you have to do is sign up.

Here at TASHRA, we have upcoming educational kink health events for clinicians and trainees. Stay tuned into our site and socials for more.