Kink Affirming Psychotherapy Info and Registration: 


Group therapy is a cost effective way to benefit from therapy especially if you can not afford the high cost of individual therapy. There is much to gained through the group dynamic, especially since it differs from the familiar BDSM community support groups. Enrollment in each group is limited to 8 participants, and there will be 1-2 group therapists or counselors facilitating each group.  

Abstract Building
Thursday Evening
Mental Health and Kink: Coping and Resiliency 

Thursday Evening Group, 5:15 pm to 6:45 pm 10 sessions of 90 minutes.


Location:  San Francisco location TBA at registration


This is a group that focuses on coping with current or past mental health challenges, such as depression, anxieties, phobias, panic attacks, bipolar, eating disorders, etc.  with a special focus on how it affects your kink experiences and relationships, or how kink affects your coping and resiliency.




$30 per session

Water Ripple
Saturday Afternoon

Aging and Kink: Navigating Kink Sexuality and Relationships 

Saturday Afternoon Group, 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm  
9 sessions of 90 minutes.


Location:  South Berkeley, North Oakland 
1908 Alcatraz Ave, Berkeley 


This group is for exploring and find support as people address challenges and questions about aging and kink, from stigma, health concerns, and how aging changes the experience of kink/BDSM.


  • The group is forming now 


$30 per session

Abstract Architect
Saturday  Morning 

Kink Discordance: When people in a relationship don’t share the same interest in kink/BDSM.

Saturday Morning Group, 10:15 am to 11:45 am 9 sessions of 90 minutes.


Location: San Francisco location TBA at registration


This is a group for kink/bdsm individuals who may not be "out" in their relationship(s) OR who may be in relationship(s) with others who do not share SOME or ANY of their interests in power dynamics, "play", fetishes or lifestyle. You will have the opportunity to meet others who are coping with this challenge and find help and support in staying true to yourself and finding your way towards more satisfaction in your relationship(s). 


  • Forming NOW


$30 per session 

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Meet our Individual,
Couples and 
Group Therapy Facilitators and Therapists 

We are assembling the bios of our skilled kink competent therapists and will post their photos and info soon. 


Medical Insurance Reimbursement 


Under emergency community health insurance (Healthy San Francisco) and The Affordable Care Act (The ACA / “Obamacare”), psychotherapy must now be treated like any other medical condition. Though you may have a high deductible or limited coverage, you may qualify for some reimbursement of your Group Therapy costs. TASHRA is unable to file your insurance claims for you and asks you to pay as you go (or in advance). However, we are happy to provide you with an invoice (Super Bill) that you can submit to your insurance company for possible out-of-network reimbursement.