Healthcare professionals receive virtually no training in the care of patients/clients involved in kink, and there is almost no medical literature describing the population or its needs. Because of this, even a sympathetic clinician may have difficulty providing appropriate care to a patient who risks disclosure.
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Our monthly peer consultation groups for kink-inclusive and kink-inclined licensed providers. Every second Friday of the month from 9am-11am PST, Anna Randall or Richard Sprott will be hosting for only $20 per session.

We offer both live and asynchronous webinars for mental health professionals.

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"Elemental Kink Readiness to Advanced Kink Proficiencies For Medical and Mental Health Providers"

Published by the

TASHRA Clinical Training Team

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Past TASHRA Trainings

Strange Bedfellows: New horizons in therapy and somatic work


Develop your KISS (Kink-Inclusive Supervision Services): Supervising clinicians working with kinky clients

From Lollipops to Diapers: Clinical competency with ABDL's and age players

Power, Privilege, and Play: A primer on healing through anti-racist, kink-affirming care

From the Playroom to the Courtroom: BDSM, consent, and the law

Ask a Kink Doctor: Pleasure, play, and safety

(Community event)

Playing with Dark Emotions: Playing with fear and shame in scenes of humiliation, objectification, and dehumanization

Elements: Building an inclusive practice for the unconventional

Balancing Safety and Pleasure: Making ethical decisions when personal expression and professional boundaries collide

Getting Through the Holidays: A special 20-20 episode

(Community event)


Kink-Claiming the Trauma: From sexual assault to sexual empowerment

Elements of Culturally Competent Care with Kink-Interested Individuals

(Available asynchronously)

The Kinky Mind and Body: Psychobiology of kink

(Available asynchronously)

The Ethical Slut Presents: Navigating consent

Helping out Leather Brothers: Skills for suicide prevention


Beyond Whips & Chains: What Medical Students Need to Know about BDSM.
Informative and thoughtful presentation for medical providers about what BDSM IS and ISN'T written by Sara Thorp. A must see for every healthcare provider.


IMPACT. A 6 minute video featuring one of our Community Advisory Board members, Mollena Williams, "playing" with a variety of tops. This is a great introduction for clinicians who wonder what real life BDSM can be like. A few images may be disturbing, but you may be surprised at how lighthearted and funny much of the play is.


Addressing the Healthcare Needs of Sexual Minorities Patients. A nicely written article by Charles Moser, PhD, MD, the foremost expert on the medical care of kinksters.

Health Care Without Shame, by Charles Moser, PhD, MD. An excellent and practical book full of information for clinicians.


The difference between BDSM and abuse. A useful guide from


Patient Sexual Health History: What You Need to Know to Help.  A 10 minute video on taking a balanced and open-minded sexual history. Surprisingly progressive for the AMA!