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Voices of BIPOC in Kink

Voices of BIPOC in Kink: To Watch, Read, and Listen

To learn more about the experiences of BIPOC kinksters, specifically Black kinksters, in the community, we have compiled the following media pieces to watch, listen to, and read in order to further educate our TASHRA team and readers on the nuances of being a person of color in kink. If you identify as a kinky individual, it is your duty to make sure your fellow kinksters are feeling welcomed in the community. 

To Watch

Kinky - The Documentary from Weekend Reunion who hosts Black BDSM events is “a sexy, informative and humorous film examining black sexuality and the fascinating world of bondage, fetish and BDSM” and featuring “light-hearted yet thought-provoking” interviews.

To Listen

In this episode of Pehmee podcast, Pehmee meets Mollena Williams-Haas, “an American writer, BDSM educator, actor, and International Ms. Leather 2012 for a discussion about kink lifestyle, racial play, representation and body love.”

This episode of Queer Talk featuring non-binary Black kinkster Sunshine highlights "Issues Trans/Non-Binary People Face and BIPOC Kink Stigmatism."

To Read

Fifty Shades of Nope: Being Fetishized As A Person of Color in Kink by Health Advocate Vianca Masucci highlights the racism that exists in kink communities, and the struggle of finding a safe space to explore kink as a POC.

"These archetypes can make PoC feel awkward navigating a social sexual scene that they feel as though they don’t fit into and won’t be accepted in. Incapability to understand or follow the narrow social scripts presented by these archetypes leave a lot of people feeling insecure, unsafe, or unworthy of this variety of affection" Vianca Masucci

In How Asian-American Dominatrixes Use Stereotypes to Their Advantage in the Fetish World, author Tiffany Diane Tso shows how Asian American pro dommes have taken control of their own narratives and turned stereotypes on their backs.

"Professional domination, a historically taboo career that combines sex workwith BDSM, is already sensationalized in pop culture as a world of cracking whips, villainous dungeons, and anguished screams. But combining that with Orientalist, hypersexualized stereotypes — either the fragile “lotus blossom” or aggressive “dragon lady” — can send some in a tailspin of fetishization and prurient curiosity." Tiffany Diane Tso

3 Reasons The Kink Scene Is Hellish For Black, Disabled, Non-Cis Kinksters by Mickey Valentine discusses being kinky as someone who is also agender, femme, pansexual, Black, and disabled.

“When you’re Black, trans, queer and a kinkster, you constantly have to play a tug-of-war with these issues so you can meet new folks or indulge in play time. People will talk about how open and amazing the scene is, but I know that’s bullshit. Like everything else, the kink scene is problematic and frustrating to navigate. There are times I no longer want to claim I’m kinky because of how frustrated I am.” Mickey Valentine

If you are white—hear the experiences of BIPOC people in kink and reflect on what you can do to address your own internalized biases and welcome everyone with open arms. TASHRA wants all people to be able to claim the title of kinky without fear of abuse, rejection, or maltreatment.

Kink should heal, not harm.

Please check out the above Black kinksters and educators and support their work.

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