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  • Team Leads : Richard Sprott & Anna Randall

New Research Team Forming

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

ANNOUNCING the development of the Kink Health Survey #2 RESEARCH TEAM - TASHRA is delighted to announce the formation of a team of clinical and research professionals interested in developing the Kink Health Survey #2 - a fine tuning and deeper dive based on the exploratory results of The Kink Health Survey, a 2016 health survey of approx 1,000 kink-identified practitioners. The 2016 survey gathered extensive information on the lived-kink experience, including mental and physical health status, healthcare experiences, the patient/provider experience and various measures of health, backgrounds, resilience, community involvement all seeking to understand the influence of the kink experience on the kink-identified's mental, emotional, physical health.

Our team is reaching out to professionals who are interested in getting involved - seeking medical providers and mental health providers, public health, statisticians, and researchers; in order to form a robust institutional and community-based research experience. We also invite individuals with technological expertise (website, social media, design and participant recruitment) as well as fundraising and grant writing experience to join us in this effort.

Our emerging team is all over the US (open to outside US) and we will be meeting both locally in the San Francisco Bay Area and via remote access. Participation is not dependent on location and the team will be meeting via telephone and on online conference programs. Our intent is that the team will be large enough to limit the work load on the team members.

If you want to get involved or want more information, please contact us at or contact our Research Lead - Dr. Richard Sprott directly, at

Please let us know if you would like more information or want to stay up-to-date on our progress. Sign up for our contact list.

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