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Learn about our 
 International Kink Health Survey! 

What is the International Kink Health Study (IKHS)?

The International Kink Health Study (IKHS) is a research project about the pleasure, kinks, sexual lives, physical healthcare and mental health and childhood experiences of those around the world with recurring fantasies and practices that involve kink/BDSM/leather and fetish. We hope to reach thousands of kink interested people in every corner of the world to more fully understand the lives and pleasures of those with these erotic interests and identities.

We are absolutely delighted to welcome you to this exciting and innovative knowledge building project. Research is all about answering questions, and compassionate research is all about listening. 


Find out if you are eligible to join us on this multi-year journey to help us accurately relay your experiences of BDSM, kink and fetish urges, and desires. No matter your level of involvement, we welcome you with the utmost gratitude and excitement for what is ahead!

Visit to learn more or click above to fill out the eligibility form and begin your participation. 

An expansion of our 2016 research survey, this study invites participants to become part of a group of kink interested people from around the world. We will ask them to complete yearly surveys over a number of years. We hope that they will help us understand more about what it means to be kinky, about their health and wellbeing, their kink lives and pleasure, their relationships and roles, their injuries and their experiences of healing. 


We are researchers with deep roots in the kink community and who want to make sure that this information benefits the kink community. Won't you think about joining with us on our upcoming adventure?


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