Upcoming Clinical Training

Sat. December 5th and Sun. December 6th
ZOOM Webinar 9-11AM Pacific Standard Time
Kink-claiming the Trauma: From Sexual Assault to Sexual Empowerment
We are very excited to welcome back Andrew Pari, LCSW, the nation’s leading authority on the neurobiological arousal mechanism in sexualized violence (ARSA) to present his groundbreaking application of the trauma recovery model that utilizes BDSM as a potential facilitator in the process of healing.
This series can be initiated at any time.
Online asynchronous training
Kinky Mind and Body: Psychobiology of Kink - Asynchronous Training
A self-paced two part series that reviews psychobiology as it relates to pain, pleasure, dominance and submission. Richard Sprott PhD and Anna Randall, DHS, LCSW, MPH, are sharing their findings and extensive knowledge on the psychobiology of kink.

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