Upcoming Clinical Training
Sat, Oct 03
ZOOM Training
Elements of Culturally Competent Care with Kink-Interested Individuals
Our Elements training offers an introductory level discussion of what constitutes cultural competent care for kink-interested and alternative sexuality individuals. For mental health and other health care professionals, it is integral to the safety, health, and treatment of clients and patients.
9AM-11AM PDT - Sept 12, Sept 13, & Sept 20
LIVE ZOOM Workshop
The Kinky Mind and Body: Psychobiology of Kink
Have you ever wondered why people are attracted to the intense sensations and emotions manifested in BDSM? Richard Sprott PhD and Anna Randall, DHS, LCSW, MPH, leading experts in erotic diversity, are sharing their findings and extensive knowledge on the psychobiology of kink.

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