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Innovations in Kink Therapy Webinar on Zoom

Innovations in Excellence in Therapy with Kink-Identified Clients - Advanced

Innovations - Part 2 - TASHRA's First Online training for experienced and kink knowledgable therapists. We will be delving into the complex and enriching lives and concerns of those with kink interests.

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Innovations in Excellence in Therapy with Kink-Identified Clients - Advanced

Time & Location

May 07, 2020, 5:52 PM – 6:00 PM

Innovations in Kink Therapy Webinar on Zoom

About The Event

Upcoming ONLINE Series Date:

Saturday, April 18, 2020 - 9:30am - 4:30pm PST 


April 18th - ADVANCED Training - INNOVATIONS IN THERAPY WITH KINK IDENTIFIED CLIENTS Our hope is to provide a place for in-depth conversations about some of the most unique issues that clinicians face.  We will cover controversial topics in kink play, mental health concerns, co-occuring substance abuse and non-suicidal self injury v. kinky play, etc. We will discuss both psychological and physical injury and the role that psychotherapists can play in prevention and healing.  Designed for the clinician who is experienced with this population, their lives and their activities. 

Agenda in Pacfic Standard Time

Platform - Zoom Videoconferencing 

9:30 am PST - Training begins

4:30 pm PST - Training ends 

1 hour lunchbreak 

Hourly breaks for your comfort 

Learning Objectives for the Series:

At the conclusion of the workshop series, participants will be able to:

  1. To articulate some of the complex relations and themes within kink and sex
  2. To describe kink-specific motivations for consensual non-monogamy
  3. To outline the difference between the serious leisure framework and the sexual orientation framework for kink
  4. Describe basic elements of consent which the kink community advocates, including complex aspects of consent in riskier kink behaviors and activities.  
  5. Identify key characteristics of interactions and relationships that distinguish consensual kink/BDSM from abuse and victimization.
  6. To articulate the issues when consent mistakes and consent violations occur
  7. To outline some of the issues around relationship breakups in the kink community
  8. Discuss how race, sexual/gender diversity, and class intersect with alternative sexualities and relationship diversity, affecting clinical issues and cultural expressions of alternative sexualities
  9. Identify key elements when kink activities or relationships are used by individuals for personal growth or healing from past trauma
  10. List several characteristics or situations when being involved in kink activities might interfere with emotional regulation, personal growth, or well-being

Suggested Topics We Plan to Address

Different kinds of structures and relationships in the kink subculture

Kink and Sex

Monogamy vs. CNM

Centrality of Kink: Serious Leisure vs Orientation frameworks, discuss fetish/kink interests in this framework

Common clinical concerns re: relationships : Level 1: Kink Knowledgeable Therapy

Sexual Desire discrepancy / Kink Interest discrepancy

Differentiation in Relationships - Developmental Stages in Relationships

Communication Concerns

Kink-specific clinical concerns re: relationships: Level 2: Kink Focused Therapy

Issues in realizing power exchange roles / Self-Empowerment

Abuse vs. Power Exchange

Coming Out / Disclosure and Stigma - affecting relationships

Kinky Enough or Too Much?

Consensual Non-Consent

Consent Mistakes and Consent Violations

Relationship Breakups in a small community context


The workshops will combine didactic instruction, case examples, and group discussion to demonstrate the practice of working with kink-involved clients.  

A link to the ZOOM event willl be sent to you before the training begins.

Training Team: TASHRA- The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance

Richard Sprott, PhD - Research Director of TASHRA, Developmental Psychologist and Author of "Sexual Outsiders"

Anna Randall, LCSW, - Sex Therapist, Researcher and Executive Director of TASHRA

Ryan Witherspoon, PhD - Los Angeles Clinical Psychologist and specialist in kink and polyamory 

Audriannah Levine-Ward, PhD - Psychologist, Gender Specia