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​MEET Director and Founder


Richard Sprott, PhD is TASHRA's Chief Research Scientist. He is a developmental psychologist, researcher, and educator at a number of Bay Area universities, including UC Berkeley Extension and Cal State University, East Bay. His research focuses on sexual identity development, and the impact of stigma and prejudice on interactions between counselors/ therapists and members of stigmatized groups. Richard is also a founding member of CARAS - the Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities.

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​MEET Executive Director and Founder


Anna Randall, MSW, DHS, MPH is TASHRA's Executive Director. She is a clinical sexologist and sex therapist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Anna has over 25 years of experience in both the private and public sectors of health and sexuality and career focus is on the nexus of healthcare and sexual health. She lectures nationally to both professionals and consumers on the special mental health needs of sexual minorities and research focuses on relational power dynamics, self actualization and attachment. Her busy therapy practices in SF and Silicon Valley exemplify the vast interests and personalities of the kink community. 

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​MEET Communications Coordinator


​Jess Waldura, MD, MAS is TASHRA's Medical Director. She formerly served as a family physician and clinical researcher at San Francisco General Hospital (SFGH). She also served as Director of the Family HIV Clinic at SFGH from 2002-2009 and currently works as a full-time clinical researcher. Her research focuses on improving primary care practice in the domain of human sexuality and she has a special interest in populations that are marginalized or stigmatized, and in issues which are taboo or difficult to talk about.


Audriannah Levine-Ward, PsyD 


Audriannah Levine-Ward, PsyD is TASHRA's Training Director. She received her MA and Doctorate in clinical psychology from Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA. Currently, she approaches her work with a Narrative theory lens while also integrating empirically validated treatments including; CBT, DBT and Mindfulness. Dr. Levine utilizes Feminist, Social- Justice and Trauma- Informed theories in order to allow the individual to access and express their most authentic self while in treatment.  Prior to working at Bayside Marin, Dr. Levine completed her pre-doctoral hours working for UCSF/ ZSFG Trauma Recovery Center in the psychosocial medicine training program. 

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