​​​​​​​​TASHRA is an organization with deep ties to both the healthcare communities and the alternative sexualities community. Our work since 2012 has often centered around those who are kink-identified and with the  healthcare providers who care for them. We have carried out several research projects with the kink community to better understand their health, wellbeing and healthcare needs. We create professional trainings to advance knowledge of culturally humble care and have invited an advisory board of inclusive and diverse kink and fetish members who help us strengthens and support community engagement and outreach with TASHRA’s research and educational initiatives.

As we build this organization, we are searching for sources for in-kind and funding support. Your donation of $1 or $10,000 will help us with the critical steps of strategic planning, study design and clinical service training.


Our Staff 
Richard Sprott, PhD
Research Director
Anna Randall, DHS, LCSW, MPH 
Executive Director 
Kaylie Engel
Communications Coordinator
Our Mailing Address 

The Alternative Sexualities Health
Research Alliance 
P.O. Box 812,
Rio Vista, CA 94571
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Would you like to volunteer with TASHRA?​

We are always looking for eager volunteers and we are happy to have you along, whether you have just a few hours to help us out at a street fair, or you want to join us as an active community partner who shapes the future of the organization.

Currently we need volunteers to:

  • Run our social networking sites - Twitter anyone?

  • Help plan and facilitate our monthly webinar's for mental and physical health clinicians

  • Table with and for us at various conferences around the country

  • Recruit kinksters for our studies

  • Assist with manuscript writing and editing

  • Help with grant writing and application

  • Write blogs that engage with social justice, politics as they relate to BDSM/kink/alt sexualities, health and kink, etc...we would love for you to get creative!

  • And...we would love a Head Volunteer - so if you have a service heart, but find yourself to be a Top by nature, this might be the right job for you!

TASHRA - The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance