Upcoming Trainings for Mental Health Professionals
9am-11am PST - SAT June 6 and SUN June 7
Live ZOOM Workshop
Innovations Series 1- “The Ethical Slut Presents: Navigating Consent”
2 hr/ 2-Part training with renowned therapist and author Dossie Easton, LMFT and DV/IPV intervention facilitator Ms. WillowKat. How can we as a community, and as therapeutic practitioners, offer healing and intimacy skills to both survivors and transgressors after a consent collision or violation?
9AM -11AM PST -SAT June 27 and SUN June 28
LIVE ZOOM Workshop
Innovations Series 2 - “Kink-claiming the Trauma: From Sexual Assault to Sexual Empowerment”,
Andrew Pari, LCSW, the nation’s leading authority on the neuro-biological arousal mechanism in sexualized violence (ARSA) presents his groundbreaking & controversial application of the trauma recovery model that utilizes BDSM as a potential facilitator in the process of healing.