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It is TASHRA's goal to do research with and for the kink community, not to perform research on the community. To this end, we have gathered together an advisory board with active members of the kink/Leather/BDSM/fetish communities in order to guide our research.  The community research advisory board provides us with critical feedback and guidance that ensures our research has vital impact within both the kink and the healthcare communities.

Charles Moser, PhD, MD

Charles Moser is a well-known expert on the medical and psychological care of sexually and gender diverse people.  He is pioneering the new medical specialty of Sexual Medicine (the medical aspects of sexual concerns and sexual aspects of medical concerns), which includes the nonjudgmental treatment of individuals who practice alternative sexual or gender lifestyles.  He has authored or co-authored over 70 academic papers and books, including the publication of more scientific papers on BDSM than anyone else.  We are very pleased that Dr. Moser has agreed to head of our Community Research Advisory Board.

Deborah Hoffman-Wade, MA, MSW

Deborah Hoffman-Wade was a social worker until her retirement in 1999. Since then she has taught leadership, development pedagogy, and spirituality classes. She was the first open lesbian appointed to the University of Minnesota Department of Corrections Advisory Board and was awarded a National Community Service Medal for her work there.  She is an organizer in the Leather/Kink community and writes for multiple Leather and Kink publications.

Grae Singer, RN

Grae Singer is a nurse.

Keely Kolmes, Psy.D

Keely Kolmes is a licensed psychologist in private practice in San Francisco with a focus on working with sexually diverse clients. She is the Founder and President of Bay Area Open Minds, a mental health networking group for clinicians who work with clients who engage in consensual sexual behaviors, including but not limited to Kink and polyamory. She teaches, writes, and consults on these issues and has published her research on investigating bias in psychotherapy with BDSM clients. 

Larry Shockey

Larry Shockey is a leader of the Bay Area fisting community and has served as President, Chair, and member of multiple Leather Advisory Committees since 1993. His passion for educating others on safer sex techniques has led him to conduct novice workshops, “hands-in” experience, and quarterly panel discussions on fisting in San Francisco since 2005. Through his years of experience in teaching and writing he has also published his very popular book, “The Sacred Art of Fisting”.  

Michael Huff, PhD

Michael Huff is the Director of the African American Health Disparities Project, serving the African American community in San Francisco. For more than 20 years, he has worked as an educator and practitioner. Dr. Huff has been trained as an academic researcher in sociology and earned a doctoral degree in sociology from Northwestern University.

Race Bannon

Race Bannon currently serves as a Chair, Director, and member of multiple Alternative Sexuality community boards. He founded Kink Aware Professionals, a non-profit service and has led multiple SM grassroots efforts as a project director. He has served as an author and editor for a variety of books and columns nationally. His in-depth research and participation over the years has made him the ideal candidate to be regularly interviewed by the press, radio and television as an expert on alternative sexuality. 

Sister Jezabelle of the Enraptured Sling 

Sister Jezabelle has been serving her community for over 16 years as an educator, advocate, events producer and presenter. Sister's involvement in the Men’s and Women’s Leather community in events and play have shaped her commitment to educate others about safer harm reduction practices without compromising the thrill of a good Kink.  Sister Jezabelle is a San Francisco native and loves her Kinky people and strong hugs! 

Crystal (Ham) Mason

Crystal Mason has been a part of the BDSM community in SF and Berlin for over 20 years. In Berlin, Crystal worked on a European Union funded film project dealing with multi-dimensional discrimination faced by lesbians of color and immigrant lesbians. In San Francisco, she worked as the Executive Director at the Jon Sims Center for the Arts. Crystal has been an AIDS activist and organizer working with ACT UP and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation's Women’s and Children’s Program, were she started one of the first programs in the Bay Area doing outreach to women in prison with HIV/AIDS. She is the co-founder and co-artistic director of Luna Sea Women’s Performance Space.

Eve Minax, MA, SFSI Cert.

Eve Minax is a Kink Specialist Sex Educator who delights in proliferating carnal knowledge.  A longtime activist in the Kink and Queer communities, her repertoire includes practicing Urban Tantra and Bondassage. Minax teaches extensively throughout the U.S. and writes for many print and online media. She has volunteered with CARAS – the Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities  -and The LA&M – the Leather Archives and Museum. She has three forthcoming publications on Bondassage, fetishizing safer sex, and Kink and healing to be published autumn 2013. 

Frank Strona, MPH, PhDc

Frank Strona has been deeply involved in the BDSM and Leather communities for over 25 years and has a strong background in public health, both of which have given him an array of skills and a perspective unique among sex educators. He is currently a sought-after speaker, writer, trainer and mentor due to his commitment to improving sexual expression in all its forms. A long-time Bay Area sexual health specialist, Frank believes we must take an active part in both developing and delivering care appropriate to our health needs. 

Louann Pironti

Louann Pironti, is a professional sign-language interpreter and aromatherapist. She is a coordinator of The Exiles, a prominent Bay Area non-profit educational group for women who have a positive personal interest in BDSM.

Mollena Williams

Mollena Williams is actively involved in the BDSM and sex positive communities as an educator, writer, performer, model and professional coordinator. She has taught multiple workshops on Kink, BDSM and Leather across the nation. She won the Ms. San Francisco Leather title in 2009 and the International Ms. Leather title in 2010. 

Revery Barnes, MD

Revery Barnes is a native San Franciscan and a lifelong social justice activist. She attended medical school in Cuba, learning about the benefits of nationalized healthcare and global health activism. For the past few years Revery has been working at UCSF on several research projects in the areas of HIV, sexuality, and women’s health. She is currently training to become a Family Physician at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA.

Shay Tiziano, RN

Shay is an ER nurse, advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) instructor, and vivacious femme switch with over 8 years of experience educating, hosting, performing, and advocating in the BDSM community. She is a compulsive volunteer within the leather community, including acting as education director for the SF Citadel and pioneering the Case Scenarios model of Dungeon Monitor training. She and her partner Stefanos also created the bondage safety web site Issues she is passionate about include risk awareness and healing/recovery from abuse. She identifies as a pansexual polyamorist playslut (and probably a few other P's she hasn't thought of yet).

Yoseñio V. Lewis 

Yoseñio Lewis is a Latino of African Descent (Panamanian) female to male transsexual who has been a social justice activist since he was 13 years old.  A health educator, speaker, writer, performer, trainer, facilitator and spiritual hugger, Yoseñio is a member of the National Advisory Board for the Center of Excellence for Transgender Health and is on the faculty for the Sexuality Track of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Creating Change Conference. He is a frequent speaker at UCSF, Stanford, and the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and was an organizer of and Keynote Speaker for the recent OPEN-SF Conference (Open,Polyamorous, Ethically Non-Monogamous) Conference.  He has recently begun counseling Trans youth at a juvenile detention center in the San Francisco Bay Area and was one of the inaugural honorees of The Trans 100 list. He is a co-founder of Big Boys’ Ink™ Productions, a theatrical writing and performing company, and co-founder of “The TransAms”, a barbershop quartet composed of transsexual men.  Yoseñio believes that there can be no art without activism and no activism without art.

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